Anonymous asked: You think that mixing races will lead to inferior children? My best friend is a half-Middle Eastern, is very intelligent and wants to be a scientist. Another one of my friends is half-Black and wants to go into international relations. How dare you judge a whole fucking group of people you don't know and claim they are 'inferior' just because of some pseudo-science bullshit that you spew that's only based off inaccurate racist bullshit. May I say on behalf of everyone: You are an asshole.

Wow nice anecdotal data that proves nothing!

Anonymous asked: Have you even read anything about world history, anthropology or genetics? Do you know that the idea of race is a socially constructed concept and has no biological evidence to support it? There is more genetic variance within one 'race' than there is between races. The color of our skin is an adaptation that evolved based on the various geographical locations humans migrated to when they first left Africa. Educate yourself. I'm sorry you feel the need to spend so much energy hating others.

kawaii-yaois asked: You have a pretty limited understanding of biology. Racial differences and genetic markers in dogs are pretty far apart. In fact, the term "race" isn't really an accurate descriptor for what causes differences among ethnic groups, because if one were to use the genetic and biological definition of the term "race," races don't even exist. Washington University at St. Louis had a good study about this a few years back. tl;dr your scientific basis for racism doesn't actually adhere to reality.